Is MBA degree right for you?

Well, it’s that time of career again where you are confused, worried and wondering what to do with your life. From your professors to your relatives everyone must be bombarding you with advice, suggestions and if you belong to the typical Indian family then your family must be comparing you with “Sharma ji ka beta.” Jokes apart, with every turning point of your life the decisions become tougher and the options are numerous due to which you are confused. Since you are reading this blog, it means you are probably thinking of choosing MBA.

Here’s how you can determine if MBA is the right career decision for you. Let’s see what experts have to say.

A masters’ degree will open your career to several options. It’s your turn to understand your passion, skills and the future market.

  1. Ask questions: To all those who are giving you advice ask them and ask yourself what you want to do. MBA itself has many more fields and specializations for which you will need a clearer view of what you want to do.
  2. Do Research: From magazines to successful entrepreneurs spend time doing research about how your career will flourish over the years. Check the economy of the nation, Study the flow of MNCs, Startups, Demand and Supply.
  3. Career Counseling & Tests: Go ahead, chat with the experts. Take a test; analyze what you are good at and what interests you. It’s always better to choose what you like rather than cribbing about it all life. When you wake up for your class or your job you should be excited and not bored.
  4. Do Internships: This will help you understand if you really like the field and enjoy working after your post graduation in MBA.

Here are a few points which give you the signs of pursuing your career in MBA.

  • Do you like reading about economics and leadership?
  • Do you have the skills of working hard in the corporate sector?
  • Are you ready to create norms and experiment?
  • Are you interested in team building?
  • Do you like networking?

If your answer is yes for all the 5, oh yes you can go ahead!! At SVIMS, you get a chance to explore your skills and the industry. You learn under the expert guidance of professors who have years of experience with the top management schools. Like no other college, at SVIMS you get a chance to ‘Earn while you Learn’. What best can an educational institute provide?

All the best for your MBA.

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