About Us

The National Kannada Education Society (NKES) has a long and proven record in the field of Education. It was founded in 1939, at the behest of Bharatratna, Sir. M. Visvesvaraya, the then Dewan of Princely State Mysore and one of the founders of modern India.

The society was started by Sri. R. D. Char, CMD M/s. Standard Batteries Ltd., M/s IAEC Ltd., M/s. MEI Ltd., M/s. Fuel Injections Ltd., Sri. R. V. Murthy, Editor, “Commerce” & a social scientist. Sri. M. R. Varadarajan, Chief Engg., Hindustan Construction Co. Ltd., Sri. B. Narayana Swamy, Advocate, Bombay High Court and Vidwan Gopalacharya, Kulapathi of Satyadhyana Vidyapeetha and others. This institution is registered as a Society under the Maharashtra Societies Act, 1880 vide its registration no. 973/1939-40. It is also registered as a Charitable Trust under Bombay Charitable Public Trust Act, 1950 vide its registration no. F-188 (BOM).

NKES is a recognized Linguistic Minority Institution in the state of Maharashtra. Having succeeded in its efforts of imparting the basic education over the years, the Society foresees a great need to address on the demands of increasingly diverse business environment. The Society also looks at the role that the technology is playing in order to give Indians, not only a level playing field to compete with the rest of the world, but also to provide an edge to lead the world. Diverse business environment and high end technology requires skilled professionals to manage enterprises / organizations / agencies catering to the needs of the society. It is in this context that the NKE Society has established an Institute of Management to train professionals who would contribute in every way to improve the living standards of all Indians and the world at large.

The aim of NKE society is to create and develop a kind of infrastructure, facilities and environment in all its educational institutions, which gives the students an opportunity to compete with the best in the world. Sir. M. Visvesvaraya Institute of Management Studies And Research was created to meet the expectations of the Industry and the aspirations of young minds who want to study business management and become leaders.


NKES has its roots in the last words of Gautam Buddha who advised his disciples Be a light unto thyself. NKES mission is to light up many with education and set them up in the journey for further exploration in the field of managing their environment, economy and their future.

SVIMS mission is to provide an opportunity to emerging business leaders and managers to become catalysts of change. To challenge existing management practices and adopt the most pragmatic approaches that would ensure success in the fast changing global economy.


To provide learning opportunities to people with a drive to engage in business management

To bridge the gap between Management studies and practices, to generate new ideas and to set new benchmarks in effective business leadership

To be a driver for change and formulation of public policies with large scale social implications.

To assist organizations to better manage their business and set higher and achievable goals through effective consulting services.

To partner with institutions worldwide in our mission to continuously redefine management education.

NKES mission is Empowerment with Education.

The Society is involved in the education of economically weakest sections of the Social strata. Ninety five percent of its students come from households which are below poverty level. But the students do not suffer any handicap due to their background, as the school has innovated in creating an environment of equal participation & opportunity and promoting excellence.

The aim of NKE society is to create and develop a kind of infrastructure, facilities and environment in all its educational institutions, which gives the students an opportunity to compete with the best in the world.

The Society has a membership of 150, who are drawn from various professions. The Society is managed by a Working Committee consisting of a President, two Vice Presidents, two Secretaries, a treasurer and six other members in the Working Committee. The Committee is elected every year by all the eligible members of the Society. Many in the Working Committee have long records of services in the field of Education, and social service.