Center of Excellence

"Center of Excellence "

Preamble :

Name of the Programme: - MMS Centre of Excellence (COE) in Finance & Marketing

Nature of the Programme: - MMS COE (Centre of Excellence) is a 2 year Full time super

specialization Degree course of University of Mumbai. This Programme resembles the nature

of honours programme.


Eligibility Criteria


A learner for being eligible for admission into the Post Graduate Programme i.e MMS Centre

of Excellence (COE) shall have passed the Bachelor’s degree examination of this university

or any other university recognized as equivalent thereto with a minimum of 50% marks.

Besides, the learner should have cleared the prescribed entrance test MH – CET conducted by

the Directorate of Technical Education (DTE) Government of Maharashtra or any other

entrance test approved by the regulatory authorities/University of Mumbai.


Ø Many institutions/colleges are conducting MMS course in Mumbai with varying in

take of students every year.




It is revealed in the survey conducted, that only 18% of students have secured placement

offers. The Economic slowdown combined with investors apathy have led to drying up of

employment opportunities. B – Schools hence have been are struggling to find placements for

its students. Salary packages of B – School graduates have come down by 50% – 55%

compared to previous years. The main objective of B – Schools is to provide quality

education and make them employable rather than employed.


The future economy shall be knowledge-based. Acquisition, augmentation and development

of knowledge and industry oriented skill sets hence is a pre – requisite for employment. The

curriculum of MMS Centre of Excellence in Finance and MMS Centre of Excellence in

Marketing are developed considering the current industry needs based on their skill sets,

needs of new business. This course also endeavours to align the programme structure and

course curriculum with student aspirations and corporate expectations.


In the era of information, corporates are increasingly demanding professionals with in – depth

and exhaustive knowledge in a specific domain. This has led to the advent of super

specializations. The prime objective behind the endeavour to establish COE is to create

conduits which can act as feeders of employable professionals to industry by imparting

focused and dedicated training to job aspirants in multiple domains of super specializations


For establishment of COE it is imperative that aspiring educational institutes forge linkages

with the industry to enhance interaction between corporate professionals and academia for

imparting need based skill oriented quality education. This would enhance the employment

opportunities as companies which collaborate with the institutes for COE can train their

students from industry perspective and subsequently absorb them as trainees into their own



Pre requisites for Management institutes to become MMS COE i.e Master of

Management Studies – Centre of Excellence (MMS – COE)


1) Minimum two batches of regular Master of Mangement Studies (MMS) course under

Mumbai University should have graduated.


2) The institute should have basic infrastructure facilities such as dedicated classrooms

with projector, white board, microphone, speakers and video conference equipment.

The classroom shall have facilities for a server and a minimum 30 desktop computers

in the ratio of one for two students.


3) The institute should have linkages established with industry to collaborate through

sponsorship arrangements to transform itself into Centre of Excellence (COE)


4) The sponsoring company/firm should be willing to provide support services needed

by the institute to train its students such as software packages, training equipment and

library support facilities to the institute being sponsored for COE.


5) The institute should be able to place COE students for Summer Internship and/or

Final Internship leading to placement in the sponsored industry or in a similarly

placed industrial units.


Faculty Students Ratio


While the faculty students ratio of 1:15 is maintained, the staffing pattern for appointment of

faculty for all the Management programmes be modified. i.e 50% Full time faculty, 50%

industry experts as visiting faculty be made applicable from the academic year 2014 – 15.

Institutes should attract more people with industry experience to participate in this

programme. To attract industry experts into teaching, they be designated similar to full time

faculty based on their industry experience as is noticed in the parallel practice at NCC Units.

A person having 15 years or more Industry Experience holding a senior supervisory position

be designated as Hon. Professor & a person with 10 years or more industry experience

holding a senior supervisory position be designated as Hon. Associate. Professor & a person

having minimum 05 years of industry experience at a supervisory position be designated as

Hon. Assistant Professor.


Teaching Pedagogy

Teachers are expected to impart knowledge through new and innovative pedagogical

approaches. Some of these techniques are: -

Reading, Group Discussions, Lectures, Role plays, Field Work, Workshops, Counseling

Sessions, Watching Educational and Informative Videos, Assignments, Quizzes, Tests, Live

Projects, Case Studies, Presentations, Simulations, Industrial Visits, Participation in academic

and extra – curricular activities, inculcation of industry specific skills and training &

development sessions.


Need for Introduction of Centre of Excellence MMS (COE)


The Current Scenario


Ø Changing global facets of businesses and economies

Ø Dynamism in industry practices and evolution of technology

Ø Emergence of new businesses and business practices

Ø Thrust on Application oriented and experiential learning

Ø Expectations of Key stakeholders viz. students, industry and academicians


This has led to


1) Emergence of Novel Competencies and Skills


Jobs that exist today did not exist 3 or 4 years ago. The direct linkage of the industry

practices to the structure and detailed contents in terms of Skills, Knowledge, Attitude and

Approach mandated the need for up gradation and restructuring of the course structure and




2) Transformation of the Learners mindset


The psychological profile, learning style and outlook towards higher education has undergone

a change due to explosion of information and abundance of knowledge. New and innovative

methods of evaluation and application are the need of the hour.


3) Demand for Application oriented and Experiential Learning


Management Education has to transcend beyond the realms of classrooms and focus on

interactive, experiential learning. There is a pressing need to inculcate application oriented

thinking and practical approach based on sound knowledge of management theories,

principles and concepts.



The MMS COE programme prepares a student for a career in diverse sectors nationally as

well as globally. The COE programme facilitates absorption & application of knowledge in

theory and practice across multiple functional areas of management through industry –

institute linkages and enables students to adopt an integrated approach towards real life

situations and circumstances.


The Objectives of Centre of Excellence MMS (COE) are: -


Ø Enable students to concentrate on goals tailored to career.


Ø Incorporate some flexibility for institutes to teach new and contemporary curriculum

for greater employability of their students.


Ø Make the course attractive for large no of students to super specialize in domains of

Finance viz. Banking, Corporate Finance & Financial Services and in domains of

Marketing viz. Media, Retail and Services


The goal is aimed at to imbibe and enhance the following skill sets


  1. i) Exposure to Global talents
  2. ii) Application of technology and enhancement of technological skills

iii) Peer based learning and team work

  1. iv) Experiential Learning (Learning by Action and Application)


Structure of the MMS COE Curriculum


The MMS COE Course would consist of four semesters with one live project of two

months at the end of the second semester and an internship of four months during the

final semester leading to the industry oriented project/dissertation


The essence of this structure is to encourage students to “think like a mountain”, starting

with a broad canvas to assimilate knowledge from all facets of management and meticulously

move towards acquisition and practice of excellence in a specific and desired domain of