The SVIMS pedagogy proposes to use a participatory model of delivery of knowledge. One of the important objectives of this model is to ensure students active engagement with managerial concepts and its applications in the real world.

To enable this, an effective Information and Knowledge delivery mechanism is created as a support system. The Pedagogy espouses that our students increase touch points within themselves and view the concepts as managers would in real life while exposing them to solution finding mindset and enabling decision making in the complex business world.


  • Class Room Lectures modeled on completion of curriculum
  • SVIMS students are also given additional conceptual inputs by way of modules conducted by¬†National Stock Exchange, E4 Training (a training subsidiary of Eureka Forbes Ltd)among others
  • Focus on Concepts that creates the foundations for other concepts to be built on it
  • Making presentations during seminars, making class room presentations and creating content in short notice gives them exposure to real life corporate environment that they would face soon.