Marketing is arguably at the core of all activities of a business entity. In a world where your brand sits among the millions and you want your customers to talk about you. Today’s marketing practitioners are required to be always ahead of the game to be effective and contributing successfully for the sustenance and growth of any business.

The course incorporates special units which address critical and contemporary issues relating to the present day marketing, complemented by broader management concepts.Students will appreciate the interplay between marketing and the broader sphere of business functions of an organization and increases the demand for candidates expertise within industry. Present day emphasis on mew media marketing means marketers are not solely addressing local or even national markets. Studying in an environment which gives global perspective will give the students an edge in the industry and will develop them to be global leaders in their arena of expertise.

Course Highlights

  • Course Duration – 2 years Full Time
  • Eligibility – any degree with minimum 50%
  • “Earn While you Learn”
  • Fund your own education, easy loan financing from partner banks
  • Course Offered:
    1. Digital Marketing
    2. Rural Acclimatization Program