SVIMSpire – SVIMS Alumni Meet

SVIMSpire 2018

Alumni were welcomed back to Sir M Visvesvaraya of Management Studies & Research for the 2nd Annual Alumni Reunion on Sunday 16th December.

SVIMSpire2018 was another event that was successfully struck off from this year’s calendar. It is an initiative taken by us to stay in touch with our alumni and to ensure that our alumni feels connected irrespective of the physical boundaries. These meets have been providing a platform for all alumni to know the progress SVIMS has made in the years from when they left the college. The meets are not only an occasion for the alumni to get nostalgic and relive their college memories but also they help us to maintain the strong connect with our alumni and gain from their knowledge and expertise of the industry.

The atmosphere was filled with nostalgia, as our Alumni entered their Alma Mater with feelings of joy and happiness. The Auditorium was beautifully decorated as ever by our dedicated Decoration Committee. The event was commenced by invoking blessings of almighty as we played Saraswati Vandana. The students were pumped to put up a great show for their seniors. The occasion was graced with the presence of our beloved trustees and our dearest Director.

It started off with our HOA making presentation and recalling the SVIMS journey, good old days of our alumni. The Alumni Cell had decided to organise panel discussion programme in College Auditorium by inviting alumni with the intension of providing mentorship to our students.

We had also arranged for a few games where we had our alumni participation. Alumni took interest in games and they enjoyed the games throughout the event.

Further ahead were ravishing dance performances, transporting us all back in time.

We had launched SVIMS distinguished alumni awards for SVIMSpire 2k18. We gave certificates to the nominees and trophy to the winners of SVIMS distinguished alumni awards as a token of love and appreciation.


As the evening came to an end, we were all served with delicious dinner.

All in all, the evening came to a wonderful and successful end as the loving seniors were bid adieu.