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The vision of SVIMS is inspired by the works of Sir M V. He set out with a goal to train a million managers for Nation Building. SVIMS in the 21st Century has a vision of ‘Creating Managers for the New Millennium’.

SVIMS is set up as a platform for exchange of management ideas that would lead to the development of business leaders and managers willing to change the economic environment in a green manner for the benefit of all stakeholders.


SVIMS mission is to provide an opportunity to emerging business leaders and managers to become catalysts of change. To challenge existing management practices and adopt the most pragmatic approaches that would ensure success in the fast changing global economy.


  • To provide learning opportunities to people with a drive to engage in management studies
  • To bridge the gap between management theories and practices, to generate new ideas and to set new benchmarks in effective business leadership
  • To be a driver for change and formulation of public policies with large scale social implications.
  • To assist organizations to better manage their business and set higher and achievable goals through effective consulting services.
  • To partner with institutions worldwide in our mission to continuously redefine management education.



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