Sir M. Visvesvaraya Institute of Management Studies and Research organises Fest on every Wednesday known as Wednesday Fest for the students of First year batch. Wednesday Fest comprises of the list of events which includes News & Views where students make presentation on every week news including General, Sports, Business, Shares, Stocks etc. and give their views on the news presented. In State Analysis students analyse a given state to the group of students. They present History of the state (Pre- Independence, Post Independence) Geography, Politics of the state, Agriculture, Culture, Historical Places, Overview of the state, State Economy, Population, Level of Urbanization, etc.The 3 rd  group presents on Industry Analysis wherein they talk about overview of the Industry, Leading companies in the Industry, How Industry works and nature of the Industry, Factors responsible for the growth of the industry, PESTEL analysis (Political, Economic, Social Technological, Environmental, Legal Factors) of the Industry, Current issues in the Industry, Competitive analysis between different companies in the same Industry, History of  incorporation, present profits and future estimated profits.
Next group prepares presentation on Country Analysis where they discuss about countries Geographical area of the country, System of Government, History, Great Personalities of the country, Culture, Places of historic importance, Economics of the country, Cultural Ecology,  Education system of the country, how they import and exports goods from other countries, etc. The last presentation is for Book Review where students are given to read Management Book and they present to the audience
learnings from the book and how to use tricks from the books in life.